Beauty is in the heart of the beholder.


Cindy Crawford + Makeup Free Mondays

This weekend, the most super of supermodels honored her 50th birthday by posting this makeup free picture on Instagram, which, we couldn’t resist sharing in honor of Makeup Free Mondays.

Because here’s the deal: whether you look like Cindy Crawford or not (sigh… and then celebrate your own unique beauty!), spending the day sans makeup is good for you.

It’s good for your skin, which loves the freedom from makeup as much as your boobs enjoy the freedom from a bra!

It’s good for your health, which benefits much more from a few extra minutes of sleep, an extra walk around the block with your dog, or a 10 minute meditation than it does from a swipe of makeup.

It’s good for your confidence, which likely forgot how damn hot you are makeup free.

So, in honor of Makeup Free Mondays – and Cindy Crawford’s 50th birthday – let’s strip down, let our bare selves shine, and focus on the things that really make us beautiful (and it’s not a new lipstick).




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